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Our Team


Founder CEO

Anjali has been evolving along-side the timeline of business and entertainment, with over 20 years of work experience. Having done her Masters in Business Administration, she has always had an inclination towards entrepreneurial ventures. She has spent a large chunk of her career dedicated towards creating small and large spaces for kids’ entertainment in retail and hospitality sector. Anjali now brings her entrepreneurial vision and technological savviness to life at YellowSkye. It is once again conceived, designed and executed under her expert vision and clear-cut goals. Anjali loves playing video games and solving crosswords and sudoku. She enjoys country music and the 70’s music. She brings her Relator, Positivity, Connectedness, Responsibility and Consistency strengths to the table!


Deputy CEO

Aryan, a commercial pilot license holder, is inquisitive and diligent. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, his managerial skills help in the smooth running of YellowSkye’s operations. Aryan has been involved with YellowSkye since its inception and continues to play an integral role in its growth. Aryan understands the nitty-gritty of recruitment and hiring and is able to use his skills and experiences in coordinating with YellowSkye’s high intellect team.



A Delhi University alumnus, Nakul completed his Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies prior to joining YellowSkye. Having completed various internships at banks like DBS and IndusInd, he is well-versed in working with a team. Being an active investor in the stock market, he is able to accurately examine and identify ways for YellowSkye to reach its full potential.



An Economics and Finance student at the University of Hong Kong, Divyansh works to establish YellowSkye as a well-known brand name in the EdTech market. Being involved in the FinTech industry for three years now, he is able to adequately utilize his knowledge and experiences in improving YellowSkye’s market performance. Divyansh is currently working as a Global Markets Trainee at Societe General, facilitating the buying and selling of financial products. Running his own ventures on the side, Divyansh possesses entrepreneurial skills that YellowSkye values.



Suhani is currently a third-year Psychology and Technical Writing student at the University of Waterloo. With a keen interest in journalism and communication, Suhani is passionate about all things social media. As a storyteller and content creator, Suhani works to establish and enhance YellowSkye’s presence on the internet. With an eye for detail, Suhani is able to identify trends that help YellowSkye come to life online.