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Life Coaches: Your Guardian Angels?

Life Coaches: Your Guardian Angels?


Fundamentals of a life coach

Life coaches or lifestyle gurus make people happy and content with their progress. Let’s consider an example to further simplify this. Imagine you were engrossed in scrolling through random posts and reels and then suddenly realised you were derailed from writing a mail. You unlocked your phone to check for some information to put in the mail but got distracted and spent the next 15 minutes on Instagram looking at the recent posts about Neymar joining the NFT club by buying his Bored Ape or Priyanka Chopra welcoming her baby through a surrogate. If you find yourself in this boat but longing to get more productive and slamming the door to procrastination- you will greatly benefit from a life coach!

Dr Life Coach, is it?

To begin with, a life coach is not a therapist, psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist.

Life Coaches essentially work with individuals to bring clarity of ideas to achieve goals. They give an optimistic outlook to the mindset of people who might be lacking the courage or clarity to move forward with what they want to achieve in their life. They help us navigate through the storms of life and show us the silver lining that keeps us going forward.

Unlike as presumed by many, no, life coaching is not restricted to career, emotional well-being rather  entails overall enrichment in all spheres of life based on what your personal goals are or changes that you would like to make.

Coaching you to pave a new path

Before indulging in a session with your life coach, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

It does not bring immediate change, you will see results by taking continuous sessions spread over a while which brings long-lasting change. It is not therapy, it only achieves mental wellness through encouragement and does not treat anxiety, depression etc. It is a means of bringing enrichment to life. You should choose a life coach who understands your way of doing things which builds a successful relationship between the life coach and the user.

If you are facing mental health issues you should contact a licensed well-being practitioner. Life coaches are not doctors, you see!

Delving deeper in the process

Typically your life coach will start by asking you about your goals, ambitions, changes you want to bring into your existing way of life. After analysing the conversation, he will provide you with clarity of thought, a clear vision to align with your goals and kind of build a road map for you. He might even suggest changing some goals based on your personality type to realise your true potential. He will encourage you and also make you accountable to increase your productivity. He will stir the pot to invoke self-discovery and growth.

Diversifying coaching; a possibility?

Life coaching is a multi-faceted service. It can be leveraged in different situations and phases of your life including:

  • You may be going through a divorce and your life coach could help you accept and build on your new life and provide a positive outlook for the new chapter in your life
  • To change the way you tackle the problem of making business decisions
  • To break out of a creative mind-block as an artist
  • Engage with him to identify limiting beliefs
  • You can learn to make people listen to you and put your point across more effectively
  • To make powerful connections to strengthen your work
  • To achieve that new year resolution of working out and adopting a healthy diet

Embracing change can be challenging but we’re sure you see how a wellness practitioner can benefit you in the simplest and most difficult aspects of life. It’s a well-rounded experience to enhance your skills and personality to achieve much more in life than you thought you were capable of.

You may be a homemaker, businessman, professional pilot, artist, chef or student. It helps all kinds of people realise their true potential and make the change they wanted yesterday, become actuality today, instead of tomorrow.

As the saying goes, “All good things take time”- starting life coaching will not show results over time but by consistency, will bring long-lasting change that will help you see yourself in the mirror as a better version of yourself.

If you find yourself thinking this is just another way for people to make money, I would strongly recommend taking a session with life coaches if you fall in the categories mentioned below and more-

  • You are stuck in habits like overeating or excessive drinking
  • You frequently get negative thoughts about your actions
  • You often get conflicting thoughts about decisions
  • You are going through a major change
  • You are stressed about an event in your life
  • You want to try a new idea you got but fear the risk of failure
  • If you fall in any of these categories, you can find a life coach today to lead a happier, more productive and confident life.

For our audience that still may be hesitant in embracing this, we understand you might have your doubts about it and validly so. This blog helps in clarifying that scepticism and enables you to understand it in depth to have a fresh perspective in place. It requires courage to take the first step, but once you are through with that – you will be rewarded in ways you could not imagine. You might not admit it to yourself but who wouldn’t want success by being their truest self. It all happens with time when you start recognising your strengths and weaknesses and start using them to your advantage. You get support to follow your dreams and start feeling worthy of your success. Lastly, you stop fearing change and confidently take on problems as they are thrown at you.

Why should you choose YellowSkye – worth the effort?

YellowSkye has a range of life coaches to choose from which won’t create a hole in your pocket. These coaches are not only life coaches but also well-established individuals who create an emotional connection, work with NGOs, provide academic support to students and much more. So you know they do care for your enrichment rather than wanting to make extra bucks. Some of them also have degrees as phycologists to give you support in overcoming mental well-being issues combined with life coaching. You can also find Alternate healers which use diverse techniques like subconscious mind healing, reiki, hypnotherapy, akashic healing. You will also find coaches which simply help you overcome negative thoughts and mindfulness with their techniques.

All in all, life coaches help you create a balance and achieve consistency which can be hard to find in this ever-changing world. With social media at the tip of your hand and looking through the stories of other people relaxing in their water villa in the Maldives, one can drown in FOMO (fear of missing out for our mature audience), life coaches help you overcome these negative emotions for a happier and content life with what you have.

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