It’s weird to not be able to say everything I want you to know. Coming from a person who’s in love with books, prose and writing, it’s irony at its peak.

But after all the words received from the past boys, it came to a point when I hated those kinds. The words that were made used for a short-term basis of happiness they think that I’m looking for. Like a hooker, short term happiness is all they could offer as long as you can take the price. I gotta be honest, I did this too. I offered words I never thought I couldn’t do. Guilty and regrets. Sorry.

So I don’t want to waste time for some shitty useless words. Yes, we can say a few romantic and heart palpitating words, but only when we mean it. Not as a habit, or a ritual or just for the sake of it.

Yet, from where I was, that awful place… I just couldn’t tell you the reasons of my actions yet. So bear with me, as long as we both think we deserves this.

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