Cleared post. Sometimes, everything you’ve poured your heart into–everything you have awfully written that were driven by bothersome, jealousy, there and that. You just gotta press the ctrl, “a” and delete keys on your keyboard and instead, type everything about what made you clear everything. It’s not like there will be consequential matters to deal with after posting it publicly to the walls of the WWW., it is just that the fine words (I had to use, fine) are better left kept.

Remember when your Aunt/Uncle/Whoever gives you this ostentatiously big speech on not telling lies (even the white ones, remember those?) and the whatabouts of “the truth will come out, anyway” line? Bullshit. First: They are right about the “telling lies”, they are mean, bad, stupid and immature so let’s leave it. Second, The truth will come out but who ca-aares? I shall take riskssss on keeping these sentiments. Third? I don’t think there’s a third one.

There. I’m finally sleepy. Thank God!

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