Why Georgia.

“Now you’re stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it.” – U2

-It’s when time hits you in the face, surprises you that you’ve come this far. It’s when the world splashes you water to wake you up in this surreal moment. It’s new but feels familiar. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, the more it chases you.

It’s scary. Enchanted. Still, scary. But for nothing is ever certain, you just kept going and going. Questions kept popping as if they came from a shuffled playlist, randomly played somewhere. Have you got yourself together? Did you learn from your F+ exam? Is it a higher love & respect for yourself this time?

But then, any answers wouldn’t matter. Darling, it’s there. You know what to do later. Later will be better and tomorrow, we hope for the best.

“So many people have come and go. The faces fade as year goes by.” – More Than A Feeling, Boston

-There’s a trick. Pray. Pray to make someone stay for good if the one you’ve got is the one. If not, pray that they should start leaving already before it’s too late–that you’ve gotten attached to a glass with cracks, ready to cut you. If you don’t, go get your friends. Party the night away and make it legendary, epic. In the end, the people who stays are those who really matters.

“Can’t forget, you only get what you give.” – The New Radicals

-One heartbreak doesn’t give you the reason to throw those thorned rocks to others, be it revenge or fear. Whatever. You won’t get an academy-winning award kind of story if you won’t get hurt, kid. Wake up, kid. We got the dreamer’s disease.

“I try to stay awake and remember my name.” – Everybody’s Changing, Keane.

-What if? If you’ve got [someone] that makes you feel you’re in a different world? You keep protecting that bloody pumps but you know it’s about to give in. You keep having it distant from his, but then. Here you go. Everything right now seems impossible. Makes you want to pinch yourself q 15min!

“Don’t leave me tongue-tied.” – Tongue Tied, Group Love.


“Breathe. I know you find it hard but baby, breathe… I’m standing here, why won’t you move?…. It hurts when you get too close…. Can’t you see that there’s so much more to feel?” -All The Lovers, Kylie Minogue.

-Anyone is different from the other. Then, not using any women’s stereotyped logic, there’s this… Makes everything at ease. Makes you believe that there might be someone who can read minds, knowing exactly what you want. Doing the things exactly how you want them to be done. That it keeps a light bulb on the side of your head, telling you that you deserve this. Maybe, it’s a shot for something better from the worst. You wouldn’t know if you won’t try. Everyone knows how risky this game is. Still, try. Why? He’s someone who actually brings–this is my favorite part, the bitch in you. 🙂 Spot on.

Screw this. Run.



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