Thumb exercise.

I opened the yellow plastic container and took the little pink pill to my mouth then took a sip of water. This may help me get to sleep and let this allergies subside, 25 mg will do. I went back to my room and turned on my lampshade, which Jools gave me as a christmas gift three or four years ago. I lay in my made and curled, contemplating if I’d get a read from the stash of books on my bedside table. But then I grabbed this BB phone and started typing this non-sense first paragraph of this post.

On the background, Something Borrowed (movie) is being played on my dvd player. I have watched this already but something made me play it again.

Then, I realize how this–typing a blogpost, is being pointless. And look, I am still typing and typing and typing.

Is it this hard to get rid of writer’s block? I used to write a lot. I mean really, write. I didn’t care if some of them are grammatically incorrect and having 100 typographical errors on my posts. I just wrote a lot back then, way back then. I switched from one blog to another (like now, I should have been posting this in my blogger account). I used to update my blog, twice a week or sometimes, daily. Now? I don’t know. -_-

Things changed. I graduated. I got frustrated and distracted. I got a non-paying job which consumes my day. Then, I own a business. In short, I forgot all the things that gave a bliss to my boring life and got a promotion in having a level-up, mind-degrading boredom lifestyle. I desire to be successful, but I also desire of still being attached from whatever it is that made me feel alive before. I just feel like I’m doing a lot of non-sense things. I am missing out a lot. That’s what I feel.

Responsibilities versus Living. Aging versus Playing. Screw this, Benadryl is taking it’s action already.

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