Letter to Almusal, Traffic and Sisig.

Hello! It has been more than a month since I have left and I am sure nothing much has changed yet. There are several things I am missing about you, it is crazy to even think about it this time instead of being asleep since I have to be early tomorrow.

In the morning, I miss it when I ask what’s for breakfast. Most of the time, I am the only one who’s eager enough to get up early and get some breakfast so it was never a struggle for me on being used to having meals alone. Anyway, when I used to work back in the Philippines, I usually go to the canteen and get some breakfast after doing chart rounds. Breakfast will never be complete without eggs  and tocino and it’ll be a bonus if they have garlic rice.

I may sound hypocrite if I will not mention how much I miss the friendly tricycle and jeepney drivers. I might have experienced ill-mannered drivers but most of them are nice and would love to talk dirty politics of the country if it’s a good day to talk about it. The public transport here in Australia is organised and beyond impressive but hey, I miss ours too. Some may think that  my musings about this is a little too weird since the traffic in the Philippines is horrifying.

It is hard for me on getting used to doing the groceries alone and just for myself and pretty much, planning my budget is quite challenging since it never bothered me back home. Another thing is we do not have a griller here in the house where I am staying at and I am in dire need of it since I have been planning to cook Sisig. My longing for Sisig is immeasurable, (OA, I know). This dish has always been and always will be my favorite. I’ve been looking for a skillet pan so that I can cook the dish soon enough while I can still remember how it tastes like.

Yeah. Pretty much, these are just the several things that I miss back home.

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