My mind was fluttering somewhere else as I was doing my reports in CHN. It was somewhere, reminiscing the past, thinking how awful my life has been since I met that guy. The guy who ruined my life, the guy who sucked all the luck that I have in me and replaced it with misfortune ones.

But instead of fighting this aura to get out of my way, I realized that I should be the one who must stay away because of the fear of being overly contaminated.

I remember Kuya Bong, a feng shui expert, telling us yesterday that we should be with people who have postive outlook in life and not those who give us full of stresses. Yes, there are people who have full of problems, but we must not let ourselves being sunk because of their problems.

I also realized that life is simple, people are just making it complicated. That’s why we view our lives very complex. If we worry about how much work that we had to do for the entire day, isn’t it better if we accept lesser work than do it at an early time? We will be able to have the best quality of our works and submitting them on time. Because in that case, we can practice in focusing one problem at a time.

I also realized how easy it is to simplify life. I love it when they tell me that I look simple. Really. I always love being called as a “simple girl”, no matter how much funny it seems to be. 😉

Yesterday, I made an additional list regarding the non-essential things that I must eradicate in my life. I also made an additional list of those whom I must avoid in order to have peace of mind.

Last night, I made all the expense list for this week and thought of how am I going to save money. I spent most of money on fastfoods and consuming products which are not really that practical. Plus, I am so broke.

If you’re going to assess my life 5-10 years before, I was really living with a silverspoon in my mouth. I was addicted buying new stuffs that I don’t really need. I was also addicted in having a brand new cellphone. Right now, I’m still using my Nokia 1202, which is not colored but I can do anything that I need with it, even if my Nokia E65 is already fixed.

With this simplicity that I aim for, I can do better things at a time and accept new challenging challenges.

“You’ve been wearing a seatbelt your whole life. I think it’s time to unclip.” Barney of How I Met Your Mother.

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