I just sat there and watched the view from the window car.

I planned everything in the midst of underness. I was completely broke but I had money in my red wallet. I was partly jobless but I had money in my small blue purse. Thinking the we celebrated our anniversary without the mere presence of succulent foods, I sent a text message to my boyfriend, Jools, and told him we should go and swim in gluttony. So we did went out after his make-up duty in a hospital.

As usual, whenever someone visits our house and reach our front gate, all our dogs will bark like hell that makes our neighbors sick. I know they want to complain but they can’t. Ask my father. Anyway, when our dogs started barking I went outside and saw him. I was all prepped and trimmed. I stashed the baby cologne that Tita Yolly gave me as a reward for passing the board exams. Again, I was all prepped and trimmed. But when I saw him… He did not look happy.

My boyfriend’s traditional conservative issues makes him dislike my top. My hormones were all hyped and lost my mood. So I told him I won’t go if I have to change what I wear. Ohhh, the feminine side of me still works…

So there. As soon as we reached the free shuttle to marquee, I just sat there and watched the view from the window car.

No, I’m not mad. It’s a part of our normal routine to argue and to be the paradoxical couple sometimes. We had fun anyway when we arrived at the mall. The point of this comes in the next sentence.

Sometimes, it is better not to talk when you know there’s no point in arguing.

P.S. Foodgasm for the day was  Frozen Yogurt with some New York Cheesecake and some nuts on top.

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