Red Wonder Walls.

Credits are rolling and she turned off the TV as Sex And The City 2 (Movie) ended. She grabbed all her stuff on their work desk and put them inside her blue pouch. Just like how all the other nights at home, she’s always the last one to go to bed. The one who turn off the lights.

She put down the pouch on top of the low wooden bookshelf, turned the TV and DVD player on. She didn’t care on what is in the player, she’s just not in the mood to have a battle with herself, to decide on what to watch.

She, with her scrub suit on (she uses them as her PJs now), lay on her bed. Lights off, TV on in her room with red walls. For now, no books will be read for she’s beaten up already. Not from work, but from all the punches that life threw at her recently.

This is how her nights would be for a few months. And it feels like a routine to her, that she’ll never get tired of. She hated change, but she’ll always forget that it comes with pleasant surprises. And like how the past few nights ended, she snatched her phone and typed all the thoughts running in her head. To make everything be remembered.

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