Pretend game

People always lie

They lie about how they’re competent with their undone tasks

Or lie about things they ought to do but didn’t do

They work all their way through the top of the pyramid,

Without a single speck of honesty in their resumes.

They try to lure you with pure conviction that they are nothing but the best.

Convinces you they have boys running towards them,

Accomplished jobs or have closed-family ties drunken with euphoria on a Sunday.

You could see these things on their digital timelines or perhaps hear it on a Friday night catch-up.

But the truth of the real matter here is,

They go home on an empty bed.

An empty bed.

They wait and wait on stricken time for some guy’s reply until they fall asleep and zero signs of reply in the morning.

They are being bullied and struck by burnout in their 9-5 jobs.

And Sundays are spent on Chinese food and shitty dramas they find on television.

So what’s the point of lying to us?

We all know what’s really happening here.

What’s the point of lying to yourselves?

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