La Vie En Rose.

There are songs that just remained untitled even though they get you captured every time they are being played on the radio, random places or more so, from a soundtrack. You keep them as one of your favorites and yet you never put them on your playlist and kept them always untitled.

Just a few days ago, in the middle of doing the final touches of my essay (for uni), I watched How I Met Your Mother again on Netflix during my break hours. As going through some of my favorite episodes, I remembered Cristin Milioti’s scene where she played this song with her Ukulele. The song was titled, La Vie En Rose. I learned to love this song way before but with Louis Armstrong’s rendition. So I skipped all the episodes until episode 16 of season 9: How Your Mother Met Me—where Ted and Tracy are in separate balconies and Tracy was playing a wonderful version of the song that made me still for a moment. A perfect moment of stillness.

The title of the song, if translated into English, means A Life In Pink. I did some research on it and it’s apparently an old adage that means, “To see the world of its beauty and not bad.” It is best to describe it on how you view the world when you’re truly in love. Reading through those pages, it made me fall in love with this song and even more of its poetic words.

And that made me add it to my everyday playlist.

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It was utterly the most bittersweet moment. The cue in for settling which is which or which is not. She was immensely longing for this moment, that moment wherein she had to choose. She poured her heart on giving this speech of a lifetime but she does not realise she was also pouring her soul, yieldy mirroring through her adlibs not found from her notes. She came prepared yet someone came for a surprise.

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Every chance we get we run.

I have been meaning to write a post about all my whatabouts here in Melby but obviously I struggled to find the luxury to do it. It was balancing life focusing on Uni and Work which is why this discreet journal of mine looks like on a hiatus. As much as I want to keep this updated, I had to sit on my study desk accompanied by my notes and books. Anyway, I had to take the opportunity to write a new blogpost since it’s our short break!

So what is up with my dense schedule? Good thing I started being a planner-person (if that is such a word) before and it actually helped! I tried doing bullet journal which is both ideal and recommended with my school-work life. I came to a realisation that I never thought I would be doing things that I do now even before going here in Australia. Back in the Philippines, I was a laid-back type of person and most significantly when I was a college student. I took my studies for granted back then and prefer going out with my friends (and date) to have fun.

Now that I am a student again, I am both thrilled and anxious (on a healthy level). Their system of education here has a massive difference with what we have in the Philippines. Our home’s style of teaching is commendable, no doubt about that but here in Australia, students have to apply independent learning techniques. No spoon feeding, you have to do your readings on your own and be armed with enough knowledge for questions/ case study once you’re ar the seminar. It’s quite a drag on our first week since I felt like I don’t have the amount of stamina needed when it comes to studying. On a brighter side, I took one of the benefits of social media and followed some profiles inspiring students by giving study techniques. So far, I am in an excitement phase whenever I hit my books. Could you imagine that?


Not only I have come to step on a world-renowned university but I found myself meeting new people from diverse cultures. I had to open my mind and embrace diversity and that’s it! That’s one of the first few steps to overcome my struggles as an introvert. I have read one of Dale Carnegie’s books entitled, How To Win Friends and Influence People, and gave light on the connection between gaining allies and success. Oh yes, I had to read it. That’s how desperate I am!

“Instead of condemning people, let’s try to understand them. Let’s try to figure out why they do what they do. That’s a lot more profitable and intriguing than criticism; and it breeds sympathy, tolerance and kindness. “To know all is to forgive all.”
― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends & Influence People


It felt actually healthy knowing that I know some people I can rely to amidst all the mistrust and conflicts that usually happens with Buhay Abroad. It’s advisable to be keen and careful who to trust with but that’s a whole different kind of story compared with making an allegiance towards our success here in abroad, right? So yeah, maybe being friendly wouldn’t hurt but sometimes, I still can’t help my uncontrolled shyness. Pft! Speaking of “healthy”, guess who’s trying to go back to running? ME!

I was browsing my Spotify and there, I saw my unheard playlists which is the playlist I made for my Running sesh back in PH. Nostalgia hit me right in a quick and found myself missing CDC Parade Grounds in Clark where I did most of my running practice sessions with my buddies and Dhey. Luckily, there’s a nice trail near where I live and I tried and see if my legs still know how to do the job. I even had to document my first 10km here in ‘Straya!


So there, aside from work, I have loads of things I got to focus on. Enough with the chill pill, I have to get up early and be back with my regular grind!

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On Haruki Murakami

Strange Library

I was drowning in my chase for the limitless hours of work during my trimester break. Thus, I turn to my reads for a quick escape into parallelism–where both worlds would never meet but will continue to mirror each other. I was running into stellar contemporary literature works at their best but I later on stumbled to disappointing ones. It’s outright a struggle searching myself in the real world and it is an agony when everything went dull to the other world–where unimagined stories breed. That’s until I came back to your short stories.

I found myself interpreting your passive-aggressive voices with your eerie characters. What they wanted to shout, what they wanted to attain in this world and the struggles in which people can relate with. Not everyone understands and appreciates your work. I find solace in your craft. I find limitless creativity in your words. I hear eargasmic music when I read your books. Thank you, for effortlessly igniting my spirit in this strange library–the world. We may be surrounded by ones who don’t know how to carry their hearts but we get the chance to have allies to create anything that will bring out the “good” side everywhere. To have something to battle for all together.

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Fiction : Other side.

She was stranded in a stormy weather. She still braved herself to attend the meeting even if it was suggested by her weather app that it will be raining cats and dogs for three days. She was halfway to her destination when she read the text from her client that the agenda was cancelled. Why cancel it twenty minutes before the scheduled time? she asked herself. Why set a meeting with this circumstances, though?

At her stop, she managed herself to land into an eerie coffee shop where no one but her and the barista were present. Josie thought the place is new because she has never seen it before but from the looks of it, everything in the cafe looks fragile and rusty. It is as if it won’t survive the three-day stormy weather. She dropped her yellow umbrella in the bin before going to the table near the window. She took out her laptop and iPhone from her mahogany satchel and brought them to life–ignoring the notifications for a while when the barista came to her.

I recommend our Cafe Misto if you’d like. He has piercings all over his ears, 12 if she might have estimated. Josie thought it was unusual to recommend a drink rather asking her what would she want to have. I’d have Black coffee, no sugar. Thank you.

The moment the barista went back to his bar and make the coffee she asked, she open the drafts on her laptop, essays on her new scripts for the new play on January. She was too drowned proof-reading the lines and dissecting the stanzas for relentless emotions ought to be delivered by her picked actors. It made her think, she is just on top of everything–just everything she wanted and dreamed of.

She took a glance at the window and couldn’t help herself notice a man. He seemed to be battling if he wanted to go inside the bookstore just across the coffee shop she’s in. After quite some moments, he just found himself more comfortable looking through the window of the rusted victorian window. He was supposed to open the door but he just settled with looking through the window instead. Don’t let this be your story. 

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Why does iPod Classic cost as much as the latest generation of iPod Touch? So I’ve been sticking with Spotify thru my phone or laptop. Listening to my favorite bands has been the only way to mum my erratic frustrations and to calm my nerves. Apart from reading books (I don’t even have the luxury/mood to finish them), I listen to famous opm bands (some of them are defunct already) which made me miss home more.

Anyway, perhaps I though this would be like a short post regarding my current playlist on my Spotify account. Ciao!

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Letter to Almusal, Traffic and Sisig.

Hello! It has been more than a month since I have left and I am sure nothing much has changed yet. There are several things I am missing about you, it is crazy to even think about it this time instead of being asleep since I have to be early tomorrow.

In the morning, I miss it when I ask what’s for breakfast. Most of the time, I am the only one who’s eager enough to get up early and get some breakfast so it was never a struggle for me on being used to having meals alone. Anyway, when I used to work back in the Philippines, I usually go to the canteen and get some breakfast after doing chart rounds. Breakfast will never be complete without eggs  and tocino and it’ll be a bonus if they have garlic rice.

I may sound hypocrite if I will not mention how much I miss the friendly tricycle and jeepney drivers. I might have experienced ill-mannered drivers but most of them are nice and would love to talk dirty politics of the country if it’s a good day to talk about it. The public transport here in Australia is organised and beyond impressive but hey, I miss ours too. Some may think that  my musings about this is a little too weird since the traffic in the Philippines is horrifying.

It is hard for me on getting used to doing the groceries alone and just for myself and pretty much, planning my budget is quite challenging since it never bothered me back home. Another thing is we do not have a griller here in the house where I am staying at and I am in dire need of it since I have been planning to cook Sisig. My longing for Sisig is immeasurable, (OA, I know). This dish has always been and always will be my favorite. I’ve been looking for a skillet pan so that I can cook the dish soon enough while I can still remember how it tastes like.

Yeah. Pretty much, these are just the several things that I miss back home.

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Mind games.

It often makes me wonder how people read the minds of others in such a manner of being like a professional. Some don’t even need to take up a four-year course of BS Psychology and just talk to people, reading the invisible cloud bubble of the person as if there is an existing wiretapping in their conversation.

How do they do it? Would you want to be an expert when it comes to decoding one’s mind in an accurate manner? Wouldn’t you be afraid of such discovery? Or rather, be it enthusiasm?

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At first glance he could be hers,
At first glance she should be his.
Tomorrows were endless,
To him, waiting was pointless.
Clock never stops,
Together their hearts hop.
Clock never agrees,
Of what their hearts could see.
Timing has its own unpredictable way,
As they breathe this away.


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Am I still here?

How could I possibly still write something here which I neglected for a year already?

And what am I supposed to write? Why did I feel such sudden volt that stimulates me to type and go on with my words?

I don’t want to woo you with my perfect happy state, I won’t do that. Rather, keep myself curious with small things and let you read these nonsensical gibberish thoughts of mine. Either you close the tab or read on.

Say, it has been a year since I wrote a blogpost. I won’t dash you with all the highlights of my hiatus in just one blogpost. Don’t worry, that won’t be enough. Again, this post is no deep shit. So are you still there?

Question: Why is it so hard to give off words to describe yourself?

I was trying to edit my “Bio” on Instagram and thought of countless of ideas on what to put there. Here are my attempts:
1. Hi!
2. Gyk. 2?. Nurse. *OMG this is so boring. (Deleted everything in no hesitation)
3. Tried inserting some profound words that somehow relates with my lifestyle.
4. Emojis. (Well, I really did)

The end result? It turned into something like this, “I don’t mind giving you a lame bio, earthlings!” SMH

Maybe because I’ve always wanted to look cool or hipster-ish by the way I show off myself through my bio/About Me section. We always wanted to look different from others, I guess? Oh crap, I gotta go.


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