On Running.

I found myself spending more time with activities that make my mind fly into different places. Things that make me clear everything as if it (the mind) came into a blank slate, things that made me forget. Though the internet may seem to be the deadliest of all, thanks to some technological glitches, I was able to stop roaming around the web the reminds me of everything.

I started having wheezes when I was in my Elementary days. Anything that deals with sports, I say no to it. As I get older, I felt jealous of those women who are physically strong, swimming, playing tennis and all that shit.

Last year, I started to jog. I wasn’t consistent, like doing it every week but I found myself a little bit of less than being “physically challenged” whenever I do it.

This year, my friends started running because one of them just lives right beside Clark Parade Grounds (where most Angeleños run) and I decided to join them. We’ve all been training together every day offs. Then the next thing is we were joining marathons.

I may not be the fastest or the one who can go on the farthest distance but finishing what I’ve started is feels like an accomplishment, most especially when you’re just sprints away from the finish line. This is my therapy.

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