On Haruki Murakami

Strange Library

I was drowning in my chase for the limitless hours of work during my trimester break. Thus, I turn to my reads for a quick escape into parallelism–where both worlds would never meet but will continue to mirror each other. I was running into stellar contemporary literature works at their best but I later on stumbled to disappointing ones. It’s outright a struggle searching myself in the real world and it is an agony when everything went dull to the other world–where unimagined stories breed. That’s until I came back to your short stories.

I found myself interpreting your passive-aggressive voices with your eerie characters. What they wanted to shout, what they wanted to attain in this world and the struggles in which people can relate with. Not everyone understands and appreciates your work. I find solace in your craft. I find limitless creativity in your words. I hear eargasmic music when I read your books. Thank you, for effortlessly igniting my spirit in this strange library–the world. We may be surrounded by ones who don’t know how to carry their hearts but we get the chance to have allies to create anything that will bring out the “good” side everywhere. To have something to battle for all together.

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