Of guns and roses.

It’s almost one month of being employed of a ‘Volunteer Work’. I’m tired with the words so photos will do the work.

Weapons of choice for my duty:


Actually, I just bought this yesterday. I was at the Department store with my mom and then I saw this. Its material is not made of leather nor cloth. What is it made of? Rubber/Plastic. I don’t know if it’s also made of resin, just like what Crocs do, but it’s very light! It’s like having Crocs too and you can have it at a very cheap price, almost 200php! Okay, that’s just a free advertising for them.


I just found this DIY tumbler at home. The cover I used is from a magazine. =)


1. DIY Tumblr

2. Swatch Watch Julian gave me.

3. American Boulevard’s. It’ says, “Your Ad Could Go Here’. Kewl.

4. Telephone Wire Ponytail from Pink Box.

5. ID Lace with my ID (Duh), Transpore, Trodat from Digistamps and my mini license.

6. Mini Wallet borrowed from Paula. My wallet is too big.

7. Extra phone for my Sun.






Lastly, my weapon as a lady. What’s inside is for grooming and hygiene purposes. =)

Blah. I’m just to lazy but I really want to post this.

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