Never Gonna Leave This Bed.

I was supposed to write something about how I feel with books. I thought of it by being reminded of how much I get addicted with the feeling of having a book near me. Then, things shifted when my shuffled playlist let me listen to Maroon 5’s song, which is currently the title of this song.

There are sooo many songs I keep on playing, dance and sing along with but not really knowing and absorbing the words behind. There are only a few in which I felt how the song must be felt. There are some songs where I think I feel the very same thing the composer might be feeling as he/she writes the lyrics. And after a long time, I’ve been brought to a place where I had the chance to hear out what the artist/s is trying to say.

I’ve heard this song so many times before but this time, it’s more like I’m listening to myself as Adam Levine sings, “So I stayed instead. I’m never gonna leave this bed.”

It’s not like this is relative to what’s happening to me in real life. No, no. I just feel like I once wrote this song but then never knew what happened next after I finished it.

That’s all. Nothing important. Made a few waste their precious time by reading this shit. Ciao!

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