Mindful kindness.

Do every act of your life as if it were your last.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Some people think that I am strong, being able to resist tears and anger. But of course they are wrong. Or else, what am I blogging about? Right? I am not that resistant to temptations. With all the things I have been through, I can prove to you that I am right. With all the people that I have hurt, you’ll know that I am selfish. I can’t tell you right now that I have changed because I am still trying. I am still weak. I am still, you know.

I am not perfect. I am, in fact, a sinner. But I regret that I have done those things. Those things that made me let myself far away from God. I am in no position to tell everyone that I am very close to God right now but I humble myself before him. Ready to take another step for an another change.

But whatever it is that had happened, all I can say is this. It is painful when someone shows to you that you do not deserve God bec. of all the things you’ve done.

So I must take one step at a time. Be alone, let my self be in a solitary life for a while. And learn to love again, and let kindness be my religion. (Dalai Lama: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

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