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Coming from a bad break up doesn’t give us an excuse to have the right to sleep around or play with other’s feelings. It’s like a lesson, kept on being passed around. It’s unlearned and not living it’s purpose. It’s like spreading a bad illness.

Coming from a bad break up means that something beautiful awaits for you. Mind blowingly beautiful that will put you into a better place. Yes, it’s better.

Coming from a bad break up gives you a shot to become a better person for an unknown other. It gives you an upgrade. If you gave all of your 100% to that last one, make it 200% this time. Don’t use it as an excuse to be scared but to be braver. Never miss this chance. Never, ever.

Yet, guard your heart. Expect less, hope more. Not everyone deserves an upgraded version of you. Go for someone who does. If he/she makes you happy, pray that the person should stay. Pray that he/she should find their way to be away from you if he/she is not the one.

And lastly, be grateful for the bad breakup.

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