La Vie En Rose.

There are songs that just remained untitled even though they get you captured every time they are being played on the radio, random places or more so, from a soundtrack. You keep them as one of your favorites and yet you never put them on your playlist and kept them always untitled.

Just a few days ago, in the middle of doing the final touches of my essay (for uni), I watched How I Met Your Mother again on Netflix during my break hours. As going through some of my favorite episodes, I remembered Cristin Milioti’s scene where she played this song with her Ukulele. The song was titled, La Vie En Rose. I learned to love this song way before but with Louis Armstrong’s rendition. So I skipped all the episodes until episode 16 of season 9: How Your Mother Met Me—where Ted and Tracy are in separate balconies and Tracy was playing a wonderful version of the song that made me still for a moment. A perfect moment of stillness.

The title of the song, if translated into English, means A Life In Pink. I did some research on it and it’s apparently an old adage that means, “To see the world of its beauty and not bad.” It is best to describe it on how you view the world when you’re truly in love. Reading through those pages, it made me fall in love with this song and even more of its poetic words.

And that made me add it to my everyday playlist.

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