Mr. Darcy.

I am a self-proclaimed bookworm. Yes, indeed. The first book I ever finished reading was Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone and that was before entering high school. Not those Classic Literature- wish I read them first. Since then, I never stopped reading.

Then I found my way loving Gaarder’s works. My all-time favorite are “Sophie’s World” and “Orange Girl.” Paul was the first guy who gave me a book as a gift and it was “Christmas Mystery.” I’ve also read Solitaire Mystery and Castle in the Pyrenees. What made me fell in love with Gaarder is his philosophical views on life, love and souls that reflected on the characters he made alive in those books.

Then there goes Austen. I watched The Pride and Prejudice (Where Knightly starred) and fell for Mr. Darcy. After finishing the movie, I went to the bookstore and bought the book. It’s one of those rare times when the movie came first before you liked reading the story. Anyway, from then on, I found myself loving Jane Austen. Some of the books I have of her were given by some friends. And there are so many other books I fell in love with.

Then there’s ebooks. Some people think its better reading the real books, flipping pages. But ebooks are practical (Note: I’m a nurse. Salary increase, people) and imagine having all your books in one gadget?

So I found myself lost in this world. Escapism. Wanderlust.

Anywhere I’ll be taking myself, I’ll be bringing a book with me. Twice the adventure!

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