Heart of Gold

There are a lot handwriting on scratch papers, notes typed on this phone but either I crumple the paper or clear everything I’ve typed. But it’s not that nothing much is going on with my life, it’s extremely the other way around. I’m just out of proper words, can’t find the exact explanation of how I find it so … In this place.

Not only that I feel so blessed for the people who truly (tested) care for me, but it’s the feeling of that feeling. Finding happiness over stupid and simple things. Smiling easily. More so, feeling so proud of myself. I still do a LOT of stupid things, but they don’t mean they are meant to be mistakes. I may still remember some painful memories, but God always make a way to keep me distracted from those. Because I know, it will make me realize and appreciate the upgrade level of happiness that He has planned for me.

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