v. I got tired of running to people I thought could make me happy. To the point of sprinting on the trail, I suddenly feel so burnout. I stopped and pant frantically. I stopped and turned to right where I can only find the smooth road. Where I don’t chase anyone but myself and my PR. Where I can only just beat my own happiness.

With the walls I built, with the padlocks I’ve been hoarding, I realized no one will get inside. No one could break me down. Unless you’re Will Cooper (Slammed Series), I might reconsider.

I’m putting a big emphasis on stopping myself on chasing people. I did, I was there. I thought I was chasing happiness, I was chasing tragedies. So I made up my mind, thank God. I had to save myself, I had to be my own hero.

And now I am running to my own kind of happiness. I’d rather be solo than be in misery. I’d rather beat my PR of own happiness. Yes, I’d rather.

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