He never had the slightest hint that she hesitated when she turned her heels away from everything in between. He was clouded by her mixed signals, we couldn’t blame him. Little did he know, she started thinking about him the moment he offered her to listen to one of his favourite records. In a warm sunny afternoon when Vance Joy’s Wasted Time played on her iPod, her mind was non-stop with all the wishful thinking about him. She started doing things that cost huge adjustments for his benefit and his obliviousness killed her wonders. He easily gave up even before everything started and she’s in awe trying to figure out how she managed herself to be in that kind of place…

She is now inside the train trying to hold every rush of emotions back. Even though no one would even notice her if she’ll shed a tear since everyone is preoccupied with their mobile phones, gadgets and books. Nobody really watch what it is like outside anymore. So she waited until she’s home. She waited and watched. 

She never intended to listen to any kind of music as it’ll distract her but this little boy played the record he recently learned to love. It’s something that she has to return back. So she’s back on her heels again and went to their little reading nook. She sipped a cup of coffee and wiped the tear that stubbornly fell on cheeks. Her 7-year-old son sat beside her and said, Let’s go and read The Orange Girl again. 

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