For the love of manuscripts!

My last good read was Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. When I was still a student, before the NLE review fever hit me, I buy lots of books as soon as I got money. I still buy even if I haven’t finished the current book the I’m reading that time. But then, when I found myself finishing reading all those nursing books, I lacked interest on being a bookworm. I feel really bad so I wanna go back to reading. Result: Bought two books this week (The record breaker is purchasing 6 books in 1 week).


I’ve been trying to practice The Law of Attraction because of Rhonda Byrne’s previous book and film, “The Secret”. Since then, I became a fan of her craft that’s why i bought her new book, “The Power”.


My first book I’ve ever finished reading was Harry Potter and that was when I was in grade school. Harry Potter is in the children’s section of every bookstore and yet most adults are going crazy for it. That makes me realized that we all want to be kids again and enjoy the infinity of imagination. Now this book, which I found from the children’s section too, is all about a kid’s adventure in “The Mysterious Benedict Society”. It was written by Trenton Lee Stewart and I hope he wouldn’t disappoint me. So far, it makes me realize that I should have read this last year as I read it.

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