Cinderella took her apron off and wore the right glass slipper.


All glued and stitched. Red and blue that seem so hard to match with. All tied in a bow that always get untied after sixty minutes. If I could write you a song to make you fall in love with these babies, I wouldn’t. They’re mine. But then, do I have to write one before you find yourselves falling for these bitches?

Getting up from the bed, as I say this everyday, is never ever easy. Especially when you have your comfortable silk bed sheet and warm blanket, who would want to get off from it? But when you do, there are reasons that gave us the motivation to get up. A lot of reasons, yes; but all of it have only one and only root, Love. Love for Him, for a special someone or a material thing. It’s up to you.

A while ago, it was my love for my shoes. Shallow? I don’t give a F.

It was a pang of guilt that shot me when I realize how long it has been unused in the rack. Seriously.

Branded clothes are nothing because it is always the shoes where we can extract the confidence to walk out from that door. It has always been shoes. When it comes to our favorite pair, we’d do anything to match our clothes with them. We would wear them all the time, ‘till they get tired of inflicting the pain on us. Yes, ‘until the bleeding stops. And when it stops, the affirmation of its comfort transcends and no, we won’t be taking these babies off. Take it from Carrie Bradshaw’s addiction to shoes, we all have this kind of desire to own a walk-in closet, full of shiny shoes. Take it from Cinderella, it is the shoes that saved her. They will never ever be unfit. Since when did shoes make people fat?

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