Overplayed. On repeat.

“You can take a seat, do what you normally do.”
-Not doing anything, just sitting there watching someone leave.

“I’m about to let you see, this is what’ll happen if you ain’t givin’ your girl what she needs. ”
-When she walked away when misery didn’t even bother you.

“Leave you. Move on to a Perfect Stranger.”
– Someday.

“Ain’t getting me back at the end of the song.”
-Love and Respect to herself dominate for her NOT to do that.

“Get out of my way, get out of my way. Got no more to say.”
-Thanking you for doing so.

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Lego House.

Coming from a bad break up doesn’t give us an excuse to have the right to sleep around or play with other’s feelings. It’s like a lesson, kept on being passed around. It’s unlearned and not living it’s purpose. It’s like spreading a bad illness.

Coming from a bad break up means that something beautiful awaits for you. Mind blowingly beautiful that will put you into a better place. Yes, it’s better.

Coming from a bad break up gives you a shot to become a better person for an unknown other. It gives you an upgrade. If you gave all of your 100% to that last one, make it 200% this time. Don’t use it as an excuse to be scared but to be braver. Never miss this chance. Never, ever.

Yet, guard your heart. Expect less, hope more. Not everyone deserves an upgraded version of you. Go for someone who does. If he/she makes you happy, pray that the person should stay. Pray that he/she should find their way to be away from you if he/she is not the one.

And lastly, be grateful for the bad breakup.

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Let’s drink to that.

I can’t believe this. I can’t believe the reason why I bought BDJ 2012 Planner is because of the influence of alcohol. I won’t tell what product it is that made me that drunk, but I’m surprised as well. It has been a long time since I had an alcoholic drink but never have I imagined it will reach this point. I never got drunk before, vomit-free since I first tasted alcohol. I can drink 3-4 bottles of beers before soI had the right to be THIS surprised.

Every two weeks, I meet *Gee for our usual routine. Eat and Drink. Not that ordinary drink, my friends. Alcoholic drinks. But some things came and we lost two weeks that made us lose one month of not having our old routine.


Awhile ago, we had it. Eat out, drink and the most important of all, talk about things we have the courage to talk about. It’s not that we don’t trust each other, but sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough courage to share the things that I’m being frustrated on. It was one night of having the chance of doing that.

But I went to fast. As we eat our very version of “pulutan”, I gulp the hard drink tooooo fassst. TOO FAST. I don’t know and I am not sure of the thing that I’m about to say but, the theory of drinking too fast will make you more drunk. I think it worked on me. Maybe you think it’s all in my crazy mind, but I think that’s why I am writing this post. I noticed that my bottle got emptied and I got concerned with the personal stuffs about my life that I was sharing effortlessly. I went to the powder room and went to pee. I also have this theory that it will lessen the level of your drunkenness for a little while. Emphasis on the word, “little.” Sooo, I took a deep breath and wanted coffee.

Still drunk and I told *Gee, with her bottle still will a little ounce of hard drink, that we should go to Starbucks. I don’t know what made us do so, that time, I think it’s still early. Anyway, we billed out and went out. We walked and we’re supposed to ride a jeepney. Because of the tipsy-ness, we walked too much not realizing we passed the jeeps on the way to SM to have our coffee. Good thing it’s just a few walks away, so we decided to just move our feet to be caffeinated.

That’s what I think, few walks away. Again, I have this theory that in the influence of alcohol, you won’t get tired. Imagine walking from ****** to SM Clark, that would make me have an asthma attack but it DIDN’T! I didn’t feel tired! I am thankful that nothing bad happened to us on our way to Starbucks at SM Clark. I am still aware that we chose the safe road but still, we got there safe. I can’t remember it vividly, I can’t even remember how we got in to the mall. I just remember that I had Toffee Nut. And that I used my sister’s name when I ordered (My ordering time will be wasted if I’ll say my real nickname, spelling it and correcting how the waiter/waitress will pronounce it.) Ooh! And that I shared too much info again until my sister called and that we have to go home.

Then we went out from Starbucks, still with Coffee Frappe. I told *Gee that I have to buy something at Fully Booked. Guess what?

I told her to buy BDJ 2012 Planner.

I admire the planner but with my 2011 planner, you’d never imagine myself ordering a BDJ. My current planner is made with wit, as well as creativity. But moreso, it’s kind of minimalistic. When I saw BDJ 2012 Planner when it was first released, I thought it was really cute but I was looking for some minimalism. Maybe I love my old one too much or it was really my preference.

But I went in at the store and purchased it. It’s not even the spring binded one (I don’t how they call it, I am still tipsy) but the one, of course (duh?), without spring.

I like it. I really do. I opened it when I got home and I did. I just can’t believe that the reason behind why I purchased a mainstream, lovely but a little bit expensive planner is because I got drunk.

And here I go, at this state. Typing THIS. I pray that I’d still be vomit-free since 2004 tomorrow morning.

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Blood Line.

I think my frequent writings here has proven the existence of unemployment in my present life. They usually ask me where exactly do I want to work and practice my skills in nursing and I just answer them this, “Anywhere, basta may backer kami ni Itay. Hihihi.” Anyway, I’ll get there soon. I’m not in a rush but I’m also excited to start jumping ahead towards this sweat-induced and stress-induced job.

But that’s not my real story here. 🙂

Jools told me they got a new scanner months ago and one thing popped into my mind. Old Photos! I was really cute when I was a baby but as I grow old… I became more and more beautiful. –_- … *crickets* … And so, I asked him to scan some of our vintage photos including my grandparents’ old shots. 🙂





And remembering my elementary days also reminds me of malnourished kids where they only cared about are cartoons, shock bang, jackstones etc.


See? Unlike now, all I talk and tweet about is food. Good thing I still know how to run and jog every morning. Plus, being naturally sexy runs in our blood. –_-


P.S. It is 84 days before Christmas! Yai!


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Not in the mood to tell the whole story but HK Disneyland is just AWESOME (In Barney Stinson’s High-pitched tone). As we got there, I felt like a child once more!

I want to visit other Disneylands all over the world! Goaaaal!

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