Nobody puts baby in the corner.


It was a long agony waiting for my shift to end. It was the same as it was almost everyday, too chaotic that we even forgot that we had to pee for the whole 12-hour shift. So I was really looking forward to clock’s landing at 1900 hours. Patty and I agreed to run after our shifts at the start of our one week stay at Mylene’s place. Her sister is on a vacation and we got worried about her living alone. So as an offer of our concern for her welfare, we invited ourselves to crash her place for the whole week. It’s safe to say it is a win-win situation for her.  Going back, Patty and I were both having a shitty day and we asked Rashlee to come and fetch us after work. The same routine, he’s gonna pick Patty first then me. Despite of having a long haul hell of a week, we still gathered enough energy to run. So we texted Mylene and Soban (who refused to run that night, btw).

We were planning what to eat after a distance run. That is always the way it goes, we run then eat. Studies say that your body metabolize thrice as much as its normal rate 1-3 hours post long run and that is our shitty excuse. Rashlee was laughing, like it’s a new conversation, while me and Patty were debating whether it’s Korean food or home cooked meal by Sobs. When we got to Mylene’s place, Sobs was helping her preparing the drinks and ice in the backyard. Mylene lives near CDC Parade Grounds. Too near, I swear it only takes 10-15 steps. I don’t know why I am jealous about it, either that she’s that close to our favorite running trail or that she lives in Clark–away from all the chaos and noise of Angeles City. It’s not that I hate where I live, but I would love to be where you don’t have to worry that your neighbor is trying to hit a high note of Aerosmith’s Cryin’ at two in the morning.

Anyway, we didn’t really have that distance run after all. Predictable. Wait, I didn’t have the distance run but Patty did. I fairly think she’s got something going on in her head, she had a good run. Anyway, what happened was Rashlee and I got easily tempted because Sobs brought along her famous Sisig Bituka. It is one of the best and to die for–I don’t know how they do it but it is one of the food I keep on going back for in case I go somewhere abroad. So after I took a quick shower, I headed straight to the backyard and started eating like a beast as always. Patty joined in after a few minutes and we found ourselves talking about plans over the year. I was talking about my upcoming English exam which I was not even prepared of while Patty is already looking for agencies for UAE.

We were making fun of how our week is going to be. I demanded that there should be house rules just to avoid conflicts because we often act very maturely whenever we decide where we should eat (#eyeballs360) or whenever who’s gonna wash the dishes. Some of the rules that were mentioned are refusal to make use of “Good Morning” towels, no stuff/fluffy animal toys (cuteness won’t even charm us), no ceramic or porcelain display of any kind (be it the most valuable ancient vase or ornament that is) and calendars from any hardware store or wherever entrepreneur chain that is. We settled into a census that this is not even going to help us survive the week without experiencing arguments but we still chose to stick with it because it is more fun.

I excused myself going to the loo (oversharing, I know) and left them for a few minutes (again. oh dear). When I came back, I grabbed one glass of water and as I was about to head back to the backyard, something held me and pause for a moment. Outside, there was Rashlee with his high-pitched laugh as if he’s gonna sniff everything around him in an instant. There may be times when he’s misunderstood but he’s always willing to listen whenever Patty and I got boyfriend problems. Sometimes, he never really had to ask  and just invite us venturing out our comfort food whenever he sense that we’re not okay. Then Sobs, who was the one making cheesy jokes, who never fails to be your reliable friend when you’re in need. She sees to it we’re being taken care of like she’s got this mother figure in her already (How?). I remember one morning, both Patty and I were doing a morning shift, we woke up having perfectly ironed uniforms and breakfast that was set ready on the table. She takes care of everyone without being asked as if it is a reflex in her.

Then there was Patty, trying to hold her laughter and point out that it is the lamest joke she ever heard. One thing I’ve learned from Patty is that there’s this love that you should give wholeheartedly and that it shouldn’t settle in a mediocre level. That’s how she is, she loves the people around her unconditionally and with no reservations (*wink). She’s also someone I can talk to comfortably whenever I got issues in my life because she sees to it she makes time for her friends. Meanwhile, Mylene is sitting with her legs crossed, smirking and not really paying attention because she’s pissed that she’s not holding a sub zero beer. I must say, I don’t know how we’ve gotten into this friendship. Unexpected. Anyhow, out of sheer luck, she became one of my gems. A true friend willing to put Bones or Once Upon A Time on hold to answer my call–drunk or sober. Someone who sends us a wallowing kit (consists of my favorite chocolates) or mango ice cream in the midst of boy problems. She’s a good listener to every mundane rants and ramblings I talk about and most importantly, she tolerates the nerdy side of me.

Looking through the glass sliding door, I observed how oddly we ended up together as friends. We’re all different yet our friendship ran naturally. One picturesque view I wouldn’t miss for the entire world.

When I got back to my seat, Rashlee was getting his car keys while Sobs and Patty started getting up and looking for their wallets. Mylene smiled, “Guess what? We’ll hit Korean town and grab some Melona ice cream.”


1% Fiction

99% Non-Fiction

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Every chance we get we run.

I have been meaning to write a post about all my whatabouts here in Melby but obviously I struggled to find the luxury to do it. It was balancing life focusing on Uni and Work which is why this discreet journal of mine looks like on a hiatus. As much as I want to keep this updated, I had to sit on my study desk accompanied by my notes and books. Anyway, I had to take the opportunity to write a new blogpost since it’s our short break!

So what is up with my dense schedule? Good thing I started being a planner-person (if that is such a word) before and it actually helped! I tried doing bullet journal which is both ideal and recommended with my school-work life. I came to a realisation that I never thought I would be doing things that I do now even before going here in Australia. Back in the Philippines, I was a laid-back type of person and most significantly when I was a college student. I took my studies for granted back then and prefer going out with my friends (and date) to have fun.

Now that I am a student again, I am both thrilled and anxious (on a healthy level). Their system of education here has a massive difference with what we have in the Philippines. Our home’s style of teaching is commendable, no doubt about that but here in Australia, students have to apply independent learning techniques. No spoon feeding, you have to do your readings on your own and be armed with enough knowledge for questions/ case study once you’re ar the seminar. It’s quite a drag on our first week since I felt like I don’t have the amount of stamina needed when it comes to studying. On a brighter side, I took one of the benefits of social media and followed some profiles inspiring students by giving study techniques. So far, I am in an excitement phase whenever I hit my books. Could you imagine that?


Not only I have come to step on a world-renowned university but I found myself meeting new people from diverse cultures. I had to open my mind and embrace diversity and that’s it! That’s one of the first few steps to overcome my struggles as an introvert. I have read one of Dale Carnegie’s books entitled, How To Win Friends and Influence People, and gave light on the connection between gaining allies and success. Oh yes, I had to read it. That’s how desperate I am!

“Instead of condemning people, let’s try to understand them. Let’s try to figure out why they do what they do. That’s a lot more profitable and intriguing than criticism; and it breeds sympathy, tolerance and kindness. “To know all is to forgive all.”
― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends & Influence People


It felt actually healthy knowing that I know some people I can rely to amidst all the mistrust and conflicts that usually happens with Buhay Abroad. It’s advisable to be keen and careful who to trust with but that’s a whole different kind of story compared with making an allegiance towards our success here in abroad, right? So yeah, maybe being friendly wouldn’t hurt but sometimes, I still can’t help my uncontrolled shyness. Pft! Speaking of “healthy”, guess who’s trying to go back to running? ME!

I was browsing my Spotify and there, I saw my unheard playlists which is the playlist I made for my Running sesh back in PH. Nostalgia hit me right in a quick and found myself missing CDC Parade Grounds in Clark where I did most of my running practice sessions with my buddies and Dhey. Luckily, there’s a nice trail near where I live and I tried and see if my legs still know how to do the job. I even had to document my first 10km here in ‘Straya!


So there, aside from work, I have loads of things I got to focus on. Enough with the chill pill, I have to get up early and be back with my regular grind!

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Letter to Almusal, Traffic and Sisig.

Hello! It has been more than a month since I have left and I am sure nothing much has changed yet. There are several things I am missing about you, it is crazy to even think about it this time instead of being asleep since I have to be early tomorrow.

In the morning, I miss it when I ask what’s for breakfast. Most of the time, I am the only one who’s eager enough to get up early and get some breakfast so it was never a struggle for me on being used to having meals alone. Anyway, when I used to work back in the Philippines, I usually go to the canteen and get some breakfast after doing chart rounds. Breakfast will never be complete without eggs  and tocino and it’ll be a bonus if they have garlic rice.

I may sound hypocrite if I will not mention how much I miss the friendly tricycle and jeepney drivers. I might have experienced ill-mannered drivers but most of them are nice and would love to talk dirty politics of the country if it’s a good day to talk about it. The public transport here in Australia is organised and beyond impressive but hey, I miss ours too. Some may think that  my musings about this is a little too weird since the traffic in the Philippines is horrifying.

It is hard for me on getting used to doing the groceries alone and just for myself and pretty much, planning my budget is quite challenging since it never bothered me back home. Another thing is we do not have a griller here in the house where I am staying at and I am in dire need of it since I have been planning to cook Sisig. My longing for Sisig is immeasurable, (OA, I know). This dish has always been and always will be my favorite. I’ve been looking for a skillet pan so that I can cook the dish soon enough while I can still remember how it tastes like.

Yeah. Pretty much, these are just the several things that I miss back home.

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v. I got tired of running to people I thought could make me happy. To the point of sprinting on the trail, I suddenly feel so burnout. I stopped and pant frantically. I stopped and turned to right where I can only find the smooth road. Where I don’t chase anyone but myself and my PR. Where I can only just beat my own happiness.

With the walls I built, with the padlocks I’ve been hoarding, I realized no one will get inside. No one could break me down. Unless you’re Will Cooper (Slammed Series), I might reconsider.

I’m putting a big emphasis on stopping myself on chasing people. I did, I was there. I thought I was chasing happiness, I was chasing tragedies. So I made up my mind, thank God. I had to save myself, I had to be my own hero.

And now I am running to my own kind of happiness. I’d rather be solo than be in misery. I’d rather beat my PR of own happiness. Yes, I’d rather.

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On Running.

I found myself spending more time with activities that make my mind fly into different places. Things that make me clear everything as if it (the mind) came into a blank slate, things that made me forget. Though the internet may seem to be the deadliest of all, thanks to some technological glitches, I was able to stop roaming around the web the reminds me of everything.

I started having wheezes when I was in my Elementary days. Anything that deals with sports, I say no to it. As I get older, I felt jealous of those women who are physically strong, swimming, playing tennis and all that shit.

Last year, I started to jog. I wasn’t consistent, like doing it every week but I found myself a little bit of less than being “physically challenged” whenever I do it.

This year, my friends started running because one of them just lives right beside Clark Parade Grounds (where most Angeleños run) and I decided to join them. We’ve all been training together every day offs. Then the next thing is we were joining marathons.

I may not be the fastest or the one who can go on the farthest distance but finishing what I’ve started is feels like an accomplishment, most especially when you’re just sprints away from the finish line. This is my therapy.

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