Blood Line.

I think my frequent writings here has proven the existence of unemployment in my present life. They usually ask me where exactly do I want to work and practice my skills in nursing and I just answer them this, “Anywhere, basta may backer kami ni Itay. Hihihi.” Anyway, I’ll get there soon. I’m not in a rush but I’m also excited to start jumping ahead towards this sweat-induced and stress-induced job.

But that’s not my real story here. 🙂

Jools told me they got a new scanner months ago and one thing popped into my mind. Old Photos! I was really cute when I was a baby but as I grow old… I became more and more beautiful. –_- … *crickets* … And so, I asked him to scan some of our vintage photos including my grandparents’ old shots. 🙂





And remembering my elementary days also reminds me of malnourished kids where they only cared about are cartoons, shock bang, jackstones etc.


See? Unlike now, all I talk and tweet about is food. Good thing I still know how to run and jog every morning. Plus, being naturally sexy runs in our blood. –_-


P.S. It is 84 days before Christmas! Yai!


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