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I made this blog months and months ago. I didn’t shared it to both of my online and offline friends right away. I was invisibly blogging. I wanted to become a low-profile blogger.

Unlike before, I update my blog almost everyday. I can’t do that these days. I work on a lot of school requirements, I’m having a hard time in studying my NCM104. I don’t even have enough time with my other friends anymore. I miss hanging-out. I miss the old “all-play and less-work” life that I used to have. I also miss doing artworks in my adobe photoshop. I miss making serious webdesigns. I miss a lot of things. Anyhow, I still have to prioritize. School first always apply when it comes to this kind of things.

I was browsing my past layouts and nostalgia came running through my veins. I also remembered when my site became one of the finalist at CandMagBlogawards08 under The Best Blog design and The Best overall blog. Wish I could have enough time and even enough creative juices to do these:


 18_going_on_19_by_gykilicious joon__by_gykilicious color_it_green_by_gykilicious   wishing_and_waiting_by_gykilicious


(grabbed from sabrina)

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