B complex.

Sophie’s World is one of the books that I treasure in my bookshelf. If I only have lots of money, I would order different version of this books online from different publishing houses. As many other people know, this book is about philosophy. No, this is not about that subject.

“As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” – Socrates

Words that came from a mouth can be deceiving but not everyone who talks about a lot of things is considered smart. Considering that a person who graduated with flying colors in college can be smart, but does it end there? As Socrates thinks that he knows nothing brought himself to learn more and find some answers with his questions and this made him one of the world’s famous philosopher of all time. He never assumed that he has known enough about the world, that that’s just it… he’s already smart. No, he never thought of that.

But what happened now? Now with a world with so much ease, having internet and all that, instead of having a better life and “thinking” than with what they had, it’s more like the opposite of it. We became so fond of ignorance and we have so many inhibitions in people and in this world. 🙁 What is sad is that we are forgetting the natural laws, laws which are so basic that living a life not following them, makes this world a scary place to live in. –_-

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