Am I still here?

How could I possibly still write something here which I neglected for a year already?

And what am I supposed to write? Why did I feel such sudden volt that stimulates me to type and go on with my words?

I don’t want to woo you with my perfect happy state, I won’t do that. Rather, keep myself curious with small things and let you read these nonsensical gibberish thoughts of mine. Either you close the tab or read on.

Say, it has been a year since I wrote a blogpost. I won’t dash you with all the highlights of my hiatus in just one blogpost. Don’t worry, that won’t be enough. Again, this post is no deep shit. So are you still there?

Question: Why is it so hard to give off words to describe yourself?

I was trying to edit my “Bio” on Instagram and thought of countless of ideas on what to put there. Here are my attempts:
1. Hi!
2. Gyk. 2?. Nurse. *OMG this is so boring. (Deleted everything in no hesitation)
3. Tried inserting some profound words that somehow relates with my lifestyle.
4. Emojis. (Well, I really did)

The end result? It turned into something like this, “I don’t mind giving you a lame bio, earthlings!” SMH

Maybe because I’ve always wanted to look cool or hipster-ish by the way I show off myself through my bio/About Me section. We always wanted to look different from others, I guess? Oh crap, I gotta go.


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