44704_487127828041696_2081394629_nAttempt/s on writing a decent disclaimer.


A good book and music always keep me sane and I would be more than happy to die lying in their arms. I wish I could drink eight glasses of coffee everyday but that would prolly give me arrhythmias and acid reflux so I’m trying to cut them down to half. I have learned to love Nursing unexpectedly, a door to give out my callused helping hand is a nice thing to have. It was more than a passion and a purpose. It may be a love and hate relationship but it helps me act as humane as possible. Aside from reading as my hobby, I’m also keeping an affair with running. No one is ever monogamous in life, that’s why I prefer variations—of hobbies. I would prefer to end it like this, for now. I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee and have not slept yet.


I love sleep, I wish Hermione’s time-turner is in my hands just so I could go back to days when people at home nag me to take a siesta (nap). It has been established that sleep is now a form of luxury on  my list, something I need and want but lack of. So yeah, I am Gyk who is always sleepy but never gets the chance to have enough of it. I am currently studying here in Deakin Library for my last exam and now you know where am I getting all of these rants.


I have always believed that there is no such thing as too many books but there is a thing called “too little time to spend time with them.” Yes, WITH. It frustrates me that it takes me a while choosing what to read next, probably an effect of my Uni days. It is bad enough not to have a life anymore but I guess the worst thing is having my Severus (Kindle) in endless hibernation.


This is my fourth attempt of writing a decent disclaimer for this site and I am jotting my scribbles on my notebook so as to look preoccupied while I am inside the train. If in any case this written nonsensical thing reach my site, I might have lost it then. Call 000.


I’ll never be good in editing videos…yet…